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Examples of achievements :

All creations are possible ! I can integrate in a sign or bracket, each model present to you in weather vanes catalog, with the desired inscriptions. I can also propose to you one or two drawings, from a simple idea.

Supports and brackets to measures. Free estimate !!!

Signs Ducks

Signs "Envol de canards"

Signs Cerisaie

Signs "Cerisaie"

Signs Baker

Signs "Boulanger"

Signs The ploughman

Signs "Le laboureur"

Signs Abundance

Signs "Abondance"

Signs Alsace

Signs "Alsace"

Signs cook

Signs "Cuisinier"

Signs Birds

Signs "Oiseaux"

Signs Squirrel

Signs "Ecureil"

Signs Blacksmith

Signs "Forgerons"

Signs Gooses

Signs "Oies"

Signs Gooses keeper

Signs "Gardeuse d'oies"

Signs Gooses (black)

Signs "Oies (noir)"

Signs Smellings

Signs "Senteurs"

Signs Ulysse

Signs "Ulysse"

Signs Vine grower

Signs "Vigneron"

Signs Sailing ship

Signs "Voilier"

For an other model : ask for an free estimate !