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Weather vanes "Owls"

List of weather vanes :

Click the weather vane of your choice see it photos in big size, know its dimensions and price lists, and have access to the order form.

Weather vane Chouette effraie (Barn owl)
Chouette effraie (Barn owl)
Weather vane chouette souris (barn)
chouette souris (barn)
Weather vane Chouettes cheveches (Owls "cheveches")
Chouettes cheveches (Owls "cheveches")
Weather vane Hibou - lune (Moon owl)
Hibou - lune (Moon owl)
Weather vane Hibou ... riffé (Hibou ... riffé)
Hibou ... riffé (Hibou ... riffé)
Weather vane Hiboux couple (Owls couple)
Hiboux couple (Owls couple)

Also consult technical inforamtion ( Used materials, fixations, dimensions, etc.).

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