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Technical information

Introduction :

Each model can be choose such:

  • Out of rigid aluminium alloy (thickness 2mm) for the figure which can be sorrow in BLACK or COLORS.
    • The support and the arrow are out of steel with black rust-proof protection
    • The cardinal points are out of protected steel + BLACK aluminium letters
    • The mast is out of steel (stretched) round, full, black anti-rust protection
  • Out of MASSIVE copper (thickness 2mm) for the figure which will be VARNISHED
    • The support, the arrow, the cardinal points are also out of varnished massive copper
    • The chechmate is out of brass (diameter 16mm) round, full, varnished.

Our girouetttes is very robust and resists winds violent one !

Weather vane in the garden

Fixing :

There exist two types of fixing:

Installation counters a pinion :

Fixing by a pinin

(fixation par deux colliers)

Installation under the roof :

Fixing by sleeper screw

(fixing by sleeper screw in the beam)

Dimensions :

Dimensions are expressed in the following way:


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