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Sensitive to the slightest breath of air, also to the updraughts. The rotary movement of spirals makes live a place.

Inside, in a hall, a corridor or the other place with draft.

Outside, suspended from a branch, a beam, a hook, etc.

Examples de realizations :

Spirale Spirale jaune à boule bleue

Spirale "Spirale jaune à boule bleue"

Spirale White spiral with orange ball

Spirale "Spirale blanche à boule orange"

Spirale White spiral with blue ball (big model)

Spirale "Spirale blanche à boule bleue (grand modèle)"

Spirale Tree coppers some (from 2 to 6 branches)

Spirale "Arbre en cuivre (de 2 à 6 branches)"

Height: 2.50m from 228 to 457 € (including all taxes)

Information and order :

Proposed colors :

  • White spiral with orange or blue ball.
  • Orange or yellow spiral with yellow or blue ball

Prices :

  • 64 x 23 cm : 56 (all taxes included)
  • 100 x 40 cm : 112 (all taxes included)

Postal charges : + 6

Spirals are conceived with a not oxidizible flexible and light alloy

Place an order by email (or by phone).

Payment on the other hand refund (repayment)